Crime Scene

Crime Scene

Slot machine test: crime scene

As you're mystery fan in the slot machine crime scene have your bright joy. The game puts you in the place of a crime. At first glance, it looks like murder. The investigation can begin. Appropriately, there are the most important tools for investigators as symbols on the reels. Thus, Net Entertainment has created a slot game, with which you can prove your nose. And maybe your nose will lead you yes even to a few gains, because that's what is the slot machine finally. Crime scene has a good number of different symbols, which should provide a growth on your credit account as line gains, unless you have the luck on your side. In addition, there are also bonus features, which ensure that a surprise shows up at the right moment and also rewards you. As befits an investigator, you have to go through files for this, which itself but gains are behind.

You want to visit the scene of the crime, then you can do that in the CasinoEuro. Here is the slot machine crime scene offered in two different modes. If you sign up and deposit money, you have the chance to win real money. Alternatively, you can also play without registration crime scene free.

Play Crime Scene online now!

Crime scene play online

Fortunately a real crime must not only happen, so crime scene can be played. You need to go eventually only in the slot machine Casino and can begin playing there. The entire machine it works basically as well as many other games of the genre. The five reel, where you can see all the icons are the core. These occur depending on the value in different quantities on the reels. It is important that same symbols have to be to win lines.

There are

total fifteen paylines, which all will be always enabled. You're in crime scene so not the way to determine the number of lines. For this you can change but the usage in each round new. First you will be deducted the usage at the beginning of a new round. Only when you make a profit, an amount flows back into your account. The height is only coincidence, as resulting from the value of the symbol and your usage. High stakes can so in case of luck also high profits lead to.

Slot game symbols in the crime scene online slot

The standard icons in crime scene are quite funny, because they show the 10 as well as the four letters as chalk marks on the floor, as it is just a real crime scene. Next follows a gun and a suitcase. More image icons are the glasses of the clues and the bloody footprint. This should to educate not only the crime, but also the one or the other good profit is possible. Not missing must of course the police brand that represents a real added value on the reels as sticky wild. The same applies to the bonus symbol. At least three pieces appear you can in the bonus game files afterwards click on and reap different gains.

Slot machines instructions by crime scene

You need any training to the detective do to in crime scene to go looking for traces. Just the slots casino visit and play the slot machines. If you want to make real money, then you have to do before a deposit to play real bets. Otherwise, the handling of the game explained but by all alone, because all the buttons are marked accordingly. For you especially is important, whose height you can adjust manually.

Conclusion with regard to the crime scene test

Rare places of crime are as beautiful as here. And when in the Casino win a crime is, then you should declare to you maybe after playing guilty. All in all makes of slot machine crime scene a very good figure and can be very rewarding. So it was thoroughly a recommendation for you.

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